Innate Response Formulas are 100% Whole Food Formulas

Innate Response Formulas use 100% whole food sources to craft their formulations.

Our bodies are designed to get nutrients from plant sources.

When we are not able to accomplish this in our modern day diet, we serve our nutritional needs best by supplementing with a product which is made from consumable food or botanical sources.

Most vitamins available today are either made from ground rock and mineral salts, synthetically produced, or are petroleum by-products.

While these might be the same structure as the specific vitamin found from a plant, they are missing vital co-factors which are necessary for use in our bodies.

The labels of such vitamins often read:

Vit. C - ascorbic acid (this is synthetic),

or Vit. A - retinyl palmitate (ground rock or mineral salt),

or calcium - calcium citrate (ground rock or mineral salt).

Innate Response supplements, which are 100% whole food, list the latin name of the plant on the ingredients,

for example Vit. C - Citrus sinensis.

My name is Dr. Kimberly Wiseman. I am a board certified naturopathic physician. I graduated from Bastyr University where I received my Doctorate in Naturopathy.

I choose Innate Rewponse Formulas to recommend to my patients because their ingredients are 100% Whole Foods! This distinction is critical when we consider what almost everyother supplement uses for their products. This list includes synthetic ingredients that are made laboratory, ground rock and mineral salts, and petroleum by-products.

Our bodies can recognize and utilize nutrients from plants. We know this with absolute certainity. We do not have this assurance when we consume ingredients that are not made in nature.

Additional considerations should include the concept that anything we swallow our body must digest. We have the ability to digest or eliminate plant based nutrients. Ingredients manufactored in a laboratory do not have that same assurance.

Why take a chance?

Select supplements made from 100% Whole Food Ingredients to have confidence your body will be able to recognize and utilize the nutrients you are providing.

Receive a 10% DISCOUNT by calling 1-800-6342 to place your order, use the code WIS052.

Please have the name of the product you would like to purchase ready. A complete product list is below.

Foundational Multi-Vitamin & Minerals by Innate Response Formulas

Baby and Me
Food Multi ll without Fe, I, or Vit. K
Food Multi III Biomax
Food Multi lV
Maxium Foods
Men's Multi
Men's One Daily
Men's Over 40 without Iron
Men Over 40 One Daily
Vitamin Only
Women's Multi
Women's One Daily
Women Over 40
Women Over 40 One Daily
One Daily M/V
One Daily without Iron

WholeFood Minerals by Innate Response Formulas

Balanced Minerals
Calcium, Magnesium, & Potassium
GTF Chromium (100 mcg)
Iron Response

WholeFood Vitamins & Antioxidants by Innate Response Formulas

B Complex
Complete 8 Vitamin E
E & Selenium
Folate, B6, & B12
Kid's Vitamin D Mini Tabs (400IU)
Vitamin C
Vitamin D-3
Wild Blueberry

Targeted Response Formulas by Innate Response Formulas

Adrenal Response
Adrenal Response Complete Care
Bone Response by Innate Response
Calm Response
Cardio Response
Cholesterol Response
Cortisol Response
Immunostimulant Response
Liver Response
MaitakeGold 404
Prostate Response
Skin. Hair, & Nails
Sleep Response
Thyroid Response- Estrogen Dominance
Thyroid Response- Nutrient Factors
Thyroid Response- Complete Care
Vision Response

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